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How to Make a DIY Kite

Kite flying can be a lot of fun and the fun gets boosted if you are the one who made that kite. You can find a lot of kites in the market however the charm of making your own customized kite and flying is at a whole different level. You may not know this but making a DIY kite is a very easy process. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make your own kite. 

Let’s take a look at step by step process of making your own DIY kite.

Getting the Materials Ready

The first step in making a DIY kite is to get the right materials for the project. You will mainly need sticks, plastic bag, fabric, some paper, glue, strings, cutter and scissors.

Making the Frame

Once you have all the materials the first thing to make is the frame. This will determine the size of the kite so make your frame very carefully. Use the two sticks to make the frame. Put one stick vertically while put a small stick on the upper side of the vertical stick in a horizontal way. If you use a pencil to trace or join the sides of the stick it should form a diamond shape.

Attach the sticks together

After that you have to attach both the sticks together with strings and hard glue. Make sure that the sticks are glued together tightly otherwise it will affect your kite’s flying ability. 

Make Notch

Use a cutter to make notches on all sides of the frames. Make sure that you don’t cut more than necessary. Then you can pass a string through these notches.  It will give more stability to your frame.

Measuring and cutting the sail plastic bag paper or fabric

The next step is to make the sail. You can use different types of material to make the sail of the kite. You can either use fabric, plastic bag or paper. Put the frame on the sail and then make an outline of the frame with a pencil and ruler. This outline has to be drawn on the sail. 

Cut the shape

Once you have the outline, use paper cutters or scissors to cut the shape of the kite. You can then glue the rough edges of the sail to the frame. Once done attach a flying line horizontally access the frame.

Make a kite tail

The step is to make the kite tail with a thick string. You can also use fabric to make the tail of the kite. The tail of the kite serves more than just a decorative purpose. It is helpful in making the kite fly.

Decorate the kite

Decorate the kite according to your preferences and choice. Make sure to note use any heavy material for decoration. Try to use light paint and colors to decorate the kite. Once done, attach the tail of the kite to the frame and then you are done.

Fly It

Once all of the above steps are done, you can go to an open plain without any high poles or trees and then start flying your DIY kite.