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How To Do a Yarn Hairstyle

What is a Yarn Hairstyle?

Yarn hairstyles are created using yarn that is braided together with your natural hair. There are several reasons why women or men choose yarn hairstyles, including to protect hair from breakage and drying out, for beautification, and to celebrate cultural heritage, among other reasons.

These hairstyles are typically pretty complex and time-consuming, so you may need help. But even if you’re a rookie, we’ve got you covered! You can choose yarn the same color as your own hair or choose wild colors for a more eye-catching hairstyle. Here are the instructions on how to do a yarn hairstyle.

How to Do a Yarn Hairstyle in Braids

1.     Decide on the length of braid of you want and then use a measuring tape to measure the yarn, doubling the length of braid you decided upon. (The yarn will be folded in half.) Then cut the number of pieces you think you may need. You may have to cut more yarn as you go. (Before getting started, you may also want to review how to French braid your own hair, depending on what kind of braid you prefer.)

2.     Lay the cut yarn out neatly within easy reach.

3.     Brush your hair (clean and dried) to remove all tangles.

4.     Using a rat-tailed comb to divide your hair into four sections (two sections in the front and three in the back.)

5.     Clip all of the sections up out of the way except for a section in the back where you will start the braids.

6.     Select a section of your natural hair about 1-inch thick and lightly moisturize the section.

7.     Grasp two pieces of yarn in the center so that the length on each side of the center is even on both sides.

8.     Place the center of the two pieces of yarn by the center; fold/loop underneath the section of your hair as close to the scalp as possible. Pull the natural hair through the center of the loop.

9.     Grasp the hair and the top of yarn tightly at the root.

10.   Divide the yarn and hair into three sections (two pieces of yarn on the left, two pieces of yarn on the right, and the natural hair in the center and begin braiding).

11.   Continue braiding until you have only about ½-inch of natural hair left.

12.   Now bring one piece of yarn from the right to the center where your natural hair should be. (You should now have two pieces of yarn on the left, one piece of yarn on the right, and one piece of yarn and your natural hair in the center.)

13.   Continue braiding until the braid is complete, and then tie it off using a small elastic band.

14.   Continue dividing a small piece of your natural hair, moisturizing and braiding until your hair is completely braided.

Once the braiding is complete, you can create any yarn hairstyle you want using the braids. This can include leaving the braids as is, pulling part of the braids back into a barrette or butterfly clip, wrapping the braids around the head, and dividing the braided hair into two pigtails or any other style you would like.

Keep in mind that you will need to wash your braided hair at least once a week, dry it, and keep it well moisturized.

Do you feel like you know how to do a yarn hairstyle now? Share your tips in the comments section below!