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Flower Pot Christmas Crafts

Everyone loves Christmas crafts. It feels so nice to settle and start making these beautiful decorations. DIY Christmas decorations as the year passes gives one something to plan for all year long.

List of Flower Pots Christmas Crafts

1. DIY Clay Pot Angel

This clay pot angel makes use of a single pot, and you can do this using any size you desire. All you would need is just a wooden ball, fabric for the scarf, a clay pot, and Spanish moss for the hair, and some painting supplies. They are nice and would look good on the front porch. Different sizes can be made, and you could even make an entire Christmas angel family to make your home look beautiful.

2. Adorable DIY Christmas Bells

We all love Christmas bells. They are created using small terracotta pots. There is a wonderful project for the kids because it is quite easy. All you need is to paint the pots and hang them bottom up using a ribbon.

Also adding wooden beads for your finger. These little clay pots can be found at any hobby store or craft store. They are also used to decorate a group of large trees and used to hang on your porch.

3. DIY Clay Pot Christmas Candy Jars

These are beautiful cute candy jars that one can make using glass bowls and clay pots. One can get all the supplies for these at a hobby store or a craft store. You could easily glue wooden balls on the bottoms of pots to create lids used for your candy bars, and the entire process is cute. These would serve as a jar that is filled with candy and could be given to others with love as Christmas presents.

4. DIY Clay Pot Christmas Tree

Clay pots serve as the best shape to make use of shine to create a Christmas tree decoration. If you turn them upside down. This craft makes a very cool tree by cascading terra cotta pots after their color has been changed to green. You would need about three different clay pot sizes which can all be secured together using a hot glue gun. Once you have them stacked, make use of acrylic paints for their decoration, and make your very own DIY Christmas tree topper.

5. Terra Cotta Pot Reindeer

This makes a wonderful Christmas gift. It also served as a fine addition to your decorations. You could just paint the face for it to look like your best reindeer. You could even add a red-painted wooden bail or a red pom for the nose of the character Rudolph. Then add the antlers which you can make out of the foam board. These could be filled with candy or other small presents. They could also be placed around your house to serve as decorations.

Now you have some basic ideas about Flower Pot Christmas Crafts. Add Plant Therapy essential oils for a healthy holiday atmosphere, and you will be all set.