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DIY Women’s Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween may be one of the scariest events of the year but it is also one of the most entertaining. It is celebrated on October 31 in most parts of the world. Halloween is just around the corner, and people are looking for costumes to wear for their at-home, socially distanced Zoom Halloween parties.

No one ever sees it this way, but Halloween brings out the kid in everyone. People from all age groups enjoy and celebrate it in their unique way. Adults go to costume parties; whereas kids dress up and go trick a treating. This year, though, everyone will be going to Zoom Halloween parties online instead of in person, because of the pandemic.

Costumes for Your Zoom Halloween Party

Costumes are a very important part of Halloween. Where many people follow the spirit of Halloween and dress up as vampires, ghouls, and ghosts, you can also dress up as anything you want. So don’t be surprised if you see a kid dressed as a hamburger asking for treats. 

Dressing up as a cat is also a very popular costume idea. Mostly, it’s women who dress up like cats on Halloween. You can find hundreds of different types of cat costumes in the market like Garfield, cats from the movie Cats, or even Catwoman from the Batman series. However, most of these clothes can be costly. So following the following tips can help you come up with a more reasonably priced DIY women’s cat Halloween costume idea.

Wear Black

Yes, cats can be of any color and you can choose whatever color you want to wear, but it’s Halloween, so the darker the better. A black colored cat costume is the more preferred choice as compared to other colors. It resonates with the spirit of Halloween and makes you look good as well. If you don’t want to wear a dress, then you can also go for a black frock.

Get Cat Ears Headband

Headbands with cat ears should be one of the top items on the list. You cannot become a cat without proper cat ears. So try to get a soft and comfortable hair band that has a cat ear attached to it. Try to go for blackish ears to complement the black dress. You can even make a cat ears headband yourself!

Get a Tail

Have you ever seen a cat without a tail? Well, if you are becoming a cat, then you need to have a tail. You can find cattails in the market specifically sold for this purpose. It is more economical to get the tail from the market instead of the entire costume. You can also create the tail at home by using some of the old cloth pieces at your house. You can fill the cloth up with foam and then roll and sew it to turn it into a tail. You can attach the tail to a belt and wear it.

Don’t Forget the Face Paint

Face paint is also a “must-do” thing for your DIY women’s cat Halloween costume ideas. Just paint your nose and draw two to three whiskers on each side of your face. You can find a lot of cat paint ideas online. Some of which use heavy face paint and makeup. However, too much paint can affect your skin, so try to get that perfect cat look with the lightest possible face paint.

Long Boots

Avoid heels at all costs when you are in your cat costume try to go for long black boots. Long boots will be ideal for your look. Heels can be dangerous when you have a tail hanging from the back. Long boots can provide you safety and resonate with your look at the same time.

If you are looking for DIY women’s cat Halloween costume ideas, then following the above tips will help you come up with a great cat look for Halloween.