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Champagne Corks Crafts

Lots of people like corks that are gotten from champagne. They are foreign and exotic and normally people made use of them in their dollhouses that were personally made.

For some people, even after they grow up, it represents moments where they were celebrating and they were happy. It serves very different purposes now though.

List of Champagne Corks Crafts

1. Use for the crafts in places at home

You could keep a box at the bar in which corks would be gathered, and when you need them, you know exactly where to go to.

2. Door quieting Slides made with Champagne Corks

Making cork crafts at home, if the protectors used on the bottom of seats or the tables at home fall off, you could use the cork as a handy replacement. Cork slices work well for fixing the doors of cupboards or leveling pieces of furniture.

You could have a lot of champagne corks remaining. You should cut them into two and glue them down onto wood pieces for you to get a clever bulletin board.

3. Spice bag for Champagne

These corks could be helpful when you are boiling meals or making use of spices in mulled wine. You could do this by filling in a bag with the herbs or spices and then tying it to the champagne cork before putting it into the liquid. You don’t need to start finding the hardened bits of rosemary when your dish is ready. You can simply make use of a spoon and get the cork out and send it to the trash. 

4. Mushroom

If you want to use this for Crafts and Toys, you could change the cork into a nice looking pin cushion made with mushrooms. You could also add in a few dollops of glue and some fabric beads.

5. Stamps

You could also convert them into stamps which have the rustic feeling and you could create a design which has a heart or a star on the end. Simply hold down on an ink pad to make a design on the cards or you could make use of wrapping paper.

This is to create gifts for the young ones in your life. You could make use of these corks to save their toys from sinking as they play in pools. You could tie the plastic doll or toy vehicle to a champagne cork. Using just a few corks, this would save their toys from sinking whenever it normally would sink. Now it’ll be lighter and it would feel like the toy is wearing a life jacket.

6. Wreath

These are also known as accents used for decoration. Whenever it’s close to the birthday of Jesus, you could turn corks into great decorations by topping them with berries, a curl of ribbon, evergreen, or a tinkling bell. You could convert a large collection of corks to create a wreath that would adorn your home on the day of Christmas.

These are various Champagne Corks Crafts which you could use after you have consumed the contents of the bottles.