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5 Crafts To Do When Bored

There are times when your kids get sick of sitting and watching cartoons, playing different games on your various electronic gadgets. This is when you need to come up with an idea that would beat the boredom of your kid and your kid would be compelled to engage in something productive. One of the best alternative in such a case is arts and crafts. Let’s have a look at the 5 crafts to do when bored: 

Paper Plate Crafts

This DIY craft in an interesting craft which would definitely vanish your kid’s boredom. In paper plate crafts, you’re supposed to make different interesting and colorful things out of an ordinary light weight paper plate, which is thought to hold food. Moreover, paper plates are economical, easily available and safe. Cutting a paper plate is super easy, so you can cut your plates into animal crafts which would definitely entertain your kids with a number of animal friends.

Tin Can Holder:  

Little children love to organize their things. A tin can holder is the perfect thing for creative as well as an organized child. This DIY tin holder can be easily made with the help of an empty tin. If the size is right then wash it and decorate it with lovely colorful sheets, you can even cover them with beautiful gift wrapping papers. After you completely decorate the tin, you can keep your kid’s stationery, pencils and other materials. In this way you and your kid will make something useful, reuse an item and even accomplish something creative which would make your kid’s studying table attractive. 


Calligraphy is an amazing art.  Calligraphers are the gifted persons with outstanding talent. Your kid can learn calligraphy and make his boredom vanish. This artistic process in which fascinating symbols are made by hand helps your child gain confidence along with passing his boredom. This amazing creativity with hand is matchless and breathtaking. Moreover, you can beautify your writings and make them look unique. 

Bottle cap crafts

Being creative is the most important thing. Apart from watching cartoons, your kids would definitely enjoy being creative. By making unique things from the bottle caps would certainly positively entertain them. Bottle cap crafts include: bottle cap coasters, bottle cap garden art, bottle cap tray, bottle cap candles and many more. All you need to bring your bottle cap crafts into action is a hot glue gun and a number of bottle caps. This is a highly economical way of getting rid of boredom. 

Paper bag crafts

Paper bag crafts as the name suggests are made from the paper bags. Paper bags are not only used for making playtime interesting they’re also used for home decor. To make your kid’s playtime more interesting and enthralling you can make them a monster puppet, a paper bag kite and even a mermaid puppet. An ordinary paper bag can be transformed into something marvelous with the help of your kid’s imagination.  

These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are many other crafts you can try at home when you are bored. You can give life to your kid’s imagination by the help of your crafting skills.