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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I *Heart* My Talented Readers: DIY Letterpress notecards

The list of advantages that come along with being apart of the blogosphere continues to grow. Last night, I added three new reasons why I love this lil crafty community:
  1. inspiring readers to try their own craft projects at home
  2. finding readers who send in photographical footage of their amazing DIY projects
  3. being inspired by said reader’s photographs to try and recreate the project on my own (to be completed at a later date)
Whatever am I talking about, you ask?

A DC reader wrote:

“There’s a man at Eastern Market [a market in DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood] that sells these old printing press letters in all shapes and sizes. I think they’re so cool but didn’t know what I could do with them (except maybe buy the huge ones to hang up somewhere), and then thought of buying little ones and making stationary. So with Christmas coming up, I thought I would try my hand at being crafty. I think my sister is really going to like them though! I tried a bunch of different ways of setting the letters, but she’s 20, so I thought she’d like ‘funky’ stationary the best.”

I think your sister will love them! I know I would.

Couldn’t agree more that the raffia gives it that little something extra.

Have a project or redesign you’ve recently completed? Prove it!
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  1. These are so cute! Whoever made them is quite crafty. She must be awesome!


  2. Oh How LOVELY!!!!


  3. Those are adorable! What a great idea. You could mix up the colors and fonts and make them for other people.


  4. This is a great idea! You could also go a step further and do heat embossing like Martha Stewart does…requires a little extra work but the results are super-professional (at least for Martha…)