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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bar Cart Sale on Joss and Main!

Hey all! Signing on to share the good news that Joss and Main has a terrific bar cart sale going on right now-it’s under the “Toast to Festive Style” sale. If I didn’t already have one I loved from Society Social, I’d definitely be snatching up one of these beauties just in time for holiday entertaining and buckets of spiked cider.

I’d probably choose the top right brass style for $178. Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belle: wishbone vs plastic chairs

so you’ve all seen my grey made-over dining room chairs that i purchased on craigslist, yes? well, they are on their last leg. most of the paint is knicked in places, the upholstery has gotten very dirty, and one of the chairs is broken and completely unusable. so with the move to the new place, i knew it was time to start looking for some new dining chairs.

i was thrilled to be contacted by the home goods website Euro Styling Lighting – a site that believe it or not, offers so much more than lamps and lighting fixtures. in fact, i found two of my most favorite chair styles on their virtual pages (for less than half the price at other retailers). the wishbone and the molded white plastic that looks like it’s standing on a four-legged tripod. a quadpod?

behold the wishbone chair at its best:

in the words of buddy the elf… beauuuutiful. this has been my faaaavorite style chair since forever. i even had danielle take a photo of me sitting in one on our trip to abc carpet and home in new york city last fall.

but then there’s the super interesting look of the white plastic chairs:

oooo… ahhhh… this style is half the price at eurostylelighting. tempting.

so to back track for a minute. our new dining room table arrived thanks to the folks from fashion for home. as i said in my last post, it takes months for most of this site’s items to arrive – we ordered the table back in late july. but that’s how they are able to sell their products for half the price other retailers do. each item is made to order. and i must say, it’s quite awesome. i’ve never owned such a sturdy piece of furniture. i’m also loving the brown wood texture. mike influenced me to stray from my preferred white lacquer finish and i’m glad we did.

so now the question is: wishbone chairs or white plastic chairs?

vote above and/or in the comments!

follow along my new apartment decorating process!

Monday, October 10, 2011

LCY Decorates: My Mom’s Living Room Before/After

I don’t even know how long ago I teased you all with a before/after photo of the dining room at my mom’s new house. And then I completely forgot to share the rest! So, over the next week or so I’ll show you before and after images of the redesign my mom and I worked on at her new place. I apologize for how teensy the original before picture is – I had to pull it off a real estate web site. But you get the gist of what we were originally working with… every room felt uncomfortably reminiscent of retirement home decor. You know – a collection of furniture from decades ago never refinished or discarded. A lot of heavy woods and floral patterns. It wasn’t exactly the look my mom wanted.



Out went the teal paint, in came the grey. Out went the worn-in carpets, and hardwood floors were installed. Out went the floral couches and in its place came my mom’s lovely living room furniture. We also switched out the sconces on the one wall and replaced them with Circa Lighting’s Ruhlmann sconce (yes – the very same that has been seen in Serena Van Der Wooden’s bedroom). New linen window treatments and voila! A pretty, airy, and refreshed living space! Tres jolie!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

LCY Home Tour: The Dining Room

photography by Maia Harms

And here are some fun reminders of what the place looked like when I decided to sign the lease.

My home tour will resume on Monday, starting with the big kitchen reveal!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom’s New House: Before & After Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share the first before/after shot of my mom’s new place. The renovation/redecorating has been a reasonable amount of work. While no walls were knocked down or replaced, updates were made to the powder room, laundry room, lighting, floors, closets, and wall colors. The entire house is now light grey – the first floor is one color while the upstairs hall and bedrooms are various shades. This shot of the dining room – one of my favorite rooms in the house – shows off the soft, new color palette with its white, antique mantel, Paris painting, and new Ruhlmann sconces from Circa Lighting. Pretty, yes?

There is still decorating to be done, but I’ll start showing you more peeks at our progress. And then just wait. My sister’s house that they completely gutted is finally starting to come together. It’s been quite a process for them. The house has essentially gone from hoarder nightmare to bare bones gut rehab and will eventually come out as a family haven. You’ll see what I mean…

Thursday, January 6, 2011

London Calling

So, it’s happening again. My daydreams of moving back to London have resurfaced. Images of row houses, black taxis and Pret a Mangers around every corner dance about in my mind, tempting me to return to the city of posh accents and Kate Middleton. I’m thinking all I need is $3.5M to purchase this bright Holland Park flat (plus the $400 for a one-way plane ticket) and all will be well.

The whitewashed walls and wide-plank floors open up this admittedly small space. The Saarinen table along with the pink and yellow accents beckon my girly side, and the cobblestone street outside is the icing on the cake. Yes, I think I’d be quite happy here. Once settled in, I could walk to high tea at Kensington Gardens or peruse Portobello Road Market on Friday afternoon, before the weekend crowds descend.

If only…

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010

RUE in NYC: Oh What A Night, Dinner with Kelley Moore and Company

Saturday night Caitlin, Anne, Crystal, and I ventured across Soho to attend a dinner party thrown by the talented lifestyle expert, Kelley Moore. Never in a million years could I have anticipated what beautiful surroundings, talented people, and delicious champagne awaited.

Behold the very first photograph taken of all the Rue gals together. After four months of working closely with one another online, we finally all met in person. Things went well to say the least. We laughed. And laughed. Then laughed some more. Well, you’ll see…

The night began when we rolled up to the tallest building on the block. Not knowing what floor to buzz, we were able to figure it out once we spotted the elegant candelabras in the window. Always a good sign.

Upon entering the front door, we were greeted by one fabulous hot pink hallway that led to the main living room. There is no denying Kelley knows how to travel in style.

The solid black frames not only made the art more dramatic against the bright wall, but they unified the collage as a cohesive whole.

After countless tweets and emails, I was finally able to meet our lovely, talented, and entertaining hostess, Kelley Moore (left). Seated with her is close friend Cassandra of the wildly popular Coco+Kelley, and Rue’s cover girl, Jamie Rummerfield of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design in LA.

Rue’s Man in the Blue Blazer columnist, Will (also of Bright Bazaar fame) and his boyfriend Toby had just arrived from London. Literally. Got off the plane and came to the party. I was fortunate to be seated next to these gentlemen for the meal and within minutes, I was positively smitten. Their accents, style, manners, and overall genuine personalities reminded me why I love England so much and why I need to go back. Soon.

Glam, glam glam.

I let out a gleeful yelp when I saw the place holders were our own colorful portraits a la famed Andy Warhol paintings. The acrylic frame and pop art made perfect party favors.

While guests mingled and clinked glasses, I grabbed my camera and kept snapping photos. I knew the table setting was one of those things you have to see – no description could do it justice. And believe me when I say it was 50 times more glamorous and magical in person. Kelley had the fashion fabric constructed into a table cloth specifically for this party, and accented with hot pink, navy, and gold items. The antique candelabras that we spotted from outside the building are Kelley’s own. Some people pack too many sweaters. Kelley packs tableware.

Kelley’s good friend from home flew with her from Seattle and cooked a mouth-watering three-course meal for us. The main course consisted of pressed game hen, roasted beets, and haricot verts drenched a mustard butter sauce. Ohhhhh myyyyyy gaaaaaaaaawd. Best meal I had in NYC. Hands down.

I’m now convinced that when a group of style-savvy ladies get together in NYC, anything is possible.

Remember when I met Crystal earlier this year? Actually, it was just a few months ago! Who would have thought we’d be here now. Neither of us did! Talk about serendipity. (And the power of blogging.)

Seven hours later, we were all pretty much besties. Left to right: Cassandra, Anne, Crystal, Caitlin, me, Erin and Julie.

And as for the Rue team… needless to say after four months, thousands of emails, and one stressful all-nighter, the honeymoon went well.

Walking back to our hotel we spotted the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom and posed to show our appreciation for one of Rue’s advertisers!

That, ladies and gentlemen, was night #1.