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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dude’s Room Update: Painting Before and After

Major progress to report on the teenytiny Dude Room! 

Namely, we painted. 

To tackle the project, I teamed up with Colorhouse – a new paint available at select Home Depot stores. Not only are they NO-VOCS, no reproductive toxins, no toxic fumes/HAPs-free, and no chemical solvents, but the color palette is amazing. They’ve curated a beautiful collection of shades, you can’t really go wrong no matter what you choose.

See in-store display at Home Depot in Naperville! (Colorhouse will actually be available in the city Home Depots this Saturday!) Lovely, yes?

I knew we wanted a gray, so I narrowed it down to Metal .03 (center swatch) and Wool .02 (far right swatch). The dark swatch on the top is Nourish .06 which I plan on using on the door. That part of the project hasn’t happened yet.

A requisite before to trigger your memory.

And here’s an in progress shot to show you the drastic difference! The Colorhouse gray paint makes the walls look so much cleaner, brighter!

Furniture going back in…

THE AFTER (kind of)

So here is the room before and as it is now. I am hesitant to use the word after since it is not done… (new bedding is coming, and shelves are being hung in the corner).

We ended up getting a nightstand on clearance from World Market – I think it cost around $70 with the discount. The striped navy rug was an old one of mine I had loaned my mom a while back that barely got used. The black and brass CB2 corner hanging bar was hung above the nightstand for additional storage. The bedside lamp is West Elm which has actually been switched out because  1. even though I love the design, it barely gives off any light, and 2. we hung this wall sconce to clear up all the precious surface area on the nightstand for even more storage (see first photo at the top of the post).

The mini gallery wall is still a work in progress. I love love love the mirror, also a World Market find, and the wall clock and mini gray frame are cheapos from Ikea. The framed Chicago print was one of my first post-college purchases from good ole’ The buffalo check throw is from Schoolhouse and the Union Jack pillow was one I picked up in New Orleans a couple of years ago.

Crazy what a fresh coat of paint and some accessories can do, no!? Never underestimate the power of styling.

The dude and his roommate love the makeover so much, they now want to repaint the entire apartment. True story. So this “Dude Room” project just got a whole lot bigger! For what it’s worth, I definitely plan on using Colorhouse Paint for the other rooms (they have a great selection of whites, which in my opinion is one of the trickiest colors to find)! There was also hardly any paint smell, which is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion. And it only required one coat, which a lot of paint companies promise and rarely deliver on.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more updates!

This post is sponsored by Colorhouse Paint but all of the opinions are my own.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ladyplace: The Kitchen Before & After

So this weekend was crazy productive. I had absolutely nothing planned which felt gloooorious. After being out of town for ten days and with the upcoming holidays and weddings, I knew free weekends would be limited and I wanted to tackle my mountain-high to do list.

A few things I accomplished:

– cleaned entire apartment

– reorganized my front hall closet

– grocery shopped (finally)

– shipped a bunch of packages that had been needing to go out (i avoid the post office like the plague)

– organized dressing room area

– finally got around to hanging art, mirrors, shelves, clock, etc.

– took bridesmaid dresses to the tailor

– took dogs to the groomer

– posted items I’m selling on Craigslist

– and… finally, the big one. I painted the kitchen. FINALLY.

The plan has always been to paint it super light grey, which I got permission to do from my landlord. But because the walls, floor, backsplash, and even my rug are kind of… off-white (not in a good way), any white was just making them look dirty and grimy. I delved into my stockpile of paint and realized I had almost a full can leftover from when I painted my last bedroom black.

Found a little black cabinet inspiration here. And just went got to it!



I can’t stop looking at it. Much like the bathroom in my old place, this is quickly going from my least favorite to most favorite area of the apartment!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ladyplace: The Making of a Living Room Gallery Wall

So if you recall from my post a few days ago, here is what we were left with after rearranging my living room furniture. An arrangement that made sense, but a very sad, very empty wall above the sofa.

So, in true Alaina fashion, I did what I’ve done time and time before… collected my art, grabbed a hammer and some nails, and started banging holes in the wall.

Well, it was slightly more organized…
I had all of my art stacked in various piles around my tiny new apartment, waiting for a permanent wall home…  I laid a number of the pieces out and realized two common themes: 
1. black and white. 2. Paris. 

Sounds like a good plan for my main living space if you ask me. So I puzzle pieced them together until it made sense. Then I eyeballed/made some rudimentary measurements and started hanging…

a few here…

a few there…

still need to fill in the gaps…

There she is!

The sparkles are the sun’s reflection on my disco ball. Naturally.

and from an another angle

gallery wall sources:

1. ferris wheel // paris print shop

2. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

3. watercolor bought in prague

4. yellow buildings in paris // etsy but can’t find source

5. personal photo

6. origin // alicia bock postcard

7. vintage shaving mirror // curiosity in charleston, sc

8. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

9. eiffel tower print // alaina kaczmarski (me!)

10. letterpress print // west elm

11. graffiti kiss // paris print shop

12. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

13. vintage silhouettes // curiosity in charleston, sc

I bought these vintage and antique silhouettes in Charleston. 
I think they give it that something special don’t you?

Here’s the whole thing in motion…
gif’s are fun.

The pups are pleased they match the room.

Next post: the new coffee table and other changes in the living room!

Three cheers for finally posting! Hip hip hooray!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ladyplace: Full Before Apartment Tour

because the first sneak peek photos of my new apartment didn’t do it justice…

here’s the full before home tour.

Upon walking through the front door, you’re greeted by this little entryway. Bedroom is straight ahead, living room is on the left. There’s a closet door to the right that you cannot see.

Main living area view from the entryway

 360° view


isn’t she lovely? hah needs some tlc. i emailed the landlord and have full confirmation to move forward with painting the cabinets white. some pretty marble shelves above the stove for spice storage and this will come together in no time.


as seen from the front entryway – bed will be on that wall straight ahead. corridor doorway seen on the left.

looking back at the entryway. closet door on the left.

looking through the lil carrie bradshaw closet/corridor to the bathroom.

bedroom/bathroom corridor with built-in storage and vanity. or as i like to call it, my dressing room.

the bathroom – love the tile.

and the floorplan to help make sense of it all! (not to scale)

the pups and i are all settled in in large part thanks to redi-box, i was 95% unpacked and set up within 24 hours of arriving sunday night. you rent plastic moving boxes, they drop them off at one house, then pick them up a week later at your new location. redi-box is only in chicago and the surrounding suburbs, but most major cities have similar companies.

i cannot tell you how happy i am already. this apartment is beyond perfect for me. it’s charming, cozy, and all my own. i cannot wait to decorate this lil nugget. and the neighborhood… i feel like i’m in fairytaleland. beautiful brownstones, armitage ave shopping, lincoln park restaurants, two el lines, and parks all in walking distance, and trees galore! i feel so… home.

i’ll have plenty of photos documenting the move and the settling in phase, showing how i decided on furniture arrangement and what not. but you can catch a lot of sneak peeks if you follow my instagram: @alainakaz!