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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I’m selling more stuff! Rugs, tables, desk chair – come one, come all!

Leather swivel desk chair – originally $240 // selling for $100 – SOLD

Chevron rug 4×6 – originally $55 // selling for $20 – SOLD

West Elm graphic brown rug – 8×10

selling for $150 – SOLD

Runner from Istanbul

originally $350 // selling for $150

White table – SOLD

originally $60 // selling for $40

Two white outdoor chairs

selling for $60 – SOLD

EMAIL ME at ALAINA.LCY@gmail.com

Items are cash and carry and must go by Sunday morning!

Prices are negotiable.

in case you didn’t notice, it’s peony season.

…and these plump beauties are everywhere.

I used a pink variety for an Everygirl How to Style photo shoot which will be on the site tomorrow.

It’s a goodie.

I loved them as centerpieces at a brunch with Gilt.com’s new fashion director.

But perhaps my favorite of all: a surprise when I was greeted with a bunch at the airport last Friday.

If you love flowers, you should probably be following TheEverygirl_ on Instagram. It’s apparently all we ever photograph…

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

wisteria wishlist, selling my mirror, and an exciting apartment update!

If you recall my inspiration for my new ladyplace, I am picturing… a few new investment pieces of furniture, gilded mirrors, and sprinkles of pink and whimsy. The perfect feminine abode. Imagine my delight when I perused Wisteria and found a bevy of great options! Not all exactly in budget, but I think that mirror is going to have to be mine…

Which means I’m selling my current mirror.

If you live in Chicago and are interested – let me know! It’s large and has to be leaned since it’s super old and the back is kinda sorta… well, let’s just call it not stable. $60 – cash and carry. Email me! Must pick up this week. — SOLD

And I have some GREAT news… I emailed the new landlord and showed them my previous home tours (notably the bathroom before and after), and they are on board with me painting the kitchen cabinets white! Thank goodness because this isn’t blowin’ my skirt up…

Off to google “cabinet painting tips.” Gulp.

Monday, June 24, 2013

behind the scenes + an event


I love a good behind the scenes look-and often include them from my own styling projects here-so I was thrilled Chicago Magazine shared snapshots from the photo shoot for the Most Eligible Singles article. It was such a good time shooting at the Barkers West Town loft studio. I actually got to officially meet all of the other “singles”at an event over the weekend, and I can honestly say it really was such a talented, funny, charming group of individuals! Financiers, politicos, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs… I always love meeting inspiring, driven people who love what they do. And it was funny hearing everyone else’s take on their photo and their wardrobe styling and the whole experience… We all had a few laughs and even a few more cocktails (read: shots). And were told last minute we’d have to walk the catwalk in front of everyone. (Hence the shots.) But it was a great evening for a good cause. Thanks to everyone who came out!

See more Behind the Scenes photos here.

And a few blurrrry photos from Friday’s event… yes. I am rocking my beloved polka dot dress again.

With my best girl pal and date for the evening.

Behind the Scenes photos by Ratko Radojcic for Chicago Magazine

Event photos my own

Monday, June 17, 2013

Apartment Hunting

Let me tell you, the rental market is an… interesting game. Over the past two weeks, I somewhat drastically made the decision to end my current lease a month early, post my apartment on Craigslist, find new renters, and search for a new apartment for myself, as well. I saw at least 15 or so one-bedrooms around Chicago-and I mean all over the city, from Ravenswood to Logan Square to West Town-and am so so excited with the apartment I ended up getting, I jumped for joy when they called and told me my application was approved.

But before I reveal the new space, which don’t get too excited because it’s currently inhabited by very messy folks and the photos don’t do it justice, I want to walk you through some of the BETTER options of what I saw the past two weeks…

Overall impression? Apparently 90% of the world lives like slobs. I’m no neat kitten but come on, people…

APARTMENT 1 – Lakeview at the corner of Belmont and Clark 
the good 
– amazing open space w/ bay windows 
– great location 
– tons of natural light 
– cheap rent 
– charming details: fireplace mantel, high ceilings and windows, entryway 

the bad 
– those are crayon renderings on the kitchen walls 
– kitchen was way too tiny 
– not a full-size sink, fridge, or oven 
– no grass outside to run the pups out when it’s lake at night, freezing, raining, etc. 
– no easy parking

APARTMENT 2 – Wrigleyville/Buena Park at Irving Park Road and Clarendon 

 the good 

– loved it, wanted it, would have signed. it’s a great building w/ gated parking, amenities

the bad

– it is around the corner from my current apartment and I wanted a CHANGE.

– I’d have to move out in a year due to property updates and the thought of having to pack up and move again in 12 months exhausts me.

APARTMENT 3 – Logan Square 

the good 

– heart of Logan Square

– great natural light

– fun layout where bedroom and living room are open to one another

– claw-foot tub

the bad

– no dishwasher

– Logan Square is far

– no easy parking

APARTMENT 4 – Logan Square 

the good

– not much compared to the other Logan Square apartment

the bad

– way too small

APARTMENT 5 – The Runner Up at Halsted and Barry in Lakeview 
the good
– huuuge living space 
– top floor
– lots of light 
– kitchen floor tile 
– small outdoor space 
– walking distance to Danielle 

the bad 
   I’d have to walk down three flights of stairs outside to do laundry. That is no fun in the winter.
   no dishwasher
– kind of a crappy bathroom
– not a ton of closet space

APARTMENT 6 – The Winner! Armitage and Halsted and Lincoln Park 
the good
 – LOCATION! short walk to both the brown line and red line, heart of Lincoln Park, so much closer to downtown than anywhere else I looked
– lots of light 
– charming separation of rooms: arched doorways, two doors to bedroom, small hallway and entryway
– eat-in kitchen 
– laundry and extra storage space in building 
– two huge closets 
– spacious rooms 
– built-in closet in the hallway between the bedroom and bathroom 

the bad
– no dishwasher

Hopefully I’ll have some better before photos to show you once the apartment is vacated. This week I am in South Carolina with my family-follow along on Instagram!-so when I get back it’s going to be A LOT of packing in preparation for the big move! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

call me maybe

chicago magazine just published their annual list of 20 most eligible chicagoans and look who made it! not too shabby of a follow-up post to that last one, eh?

unfoooortunately… it was decided at the shoot that i should don my slouchy neon trousers, though while super sleek and fashion-forward, are not ideal when being photographed from below. #notflattering

wompwomp. c’est la vie.

the issue should hit newstands later this week. maybe just maybe they chose a different pic for that.

click over to see who else is on the list!

photo by the barkers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

let’s address some things.

yes, i am moving again. hopefully next month. i feel like ellen but in a very different tax bracket.

i’ve been gathering lots of inspiration for the new place even though i don’t know where said place is yet…

do we see a trend?

so anyway. on to the “things.” i keep getting asked why oh why am i moving.

i agree it seems odd after all the work that went into making this place what it is (and what it is is mighty fine). but for those of you who only pop in on occasion and did not notice the subtle details and, well, let’s call them chaaanges throughout the decorating (and blogging) process, what was once “our new place” did in fact become “my place” over the course of the past year. while i foolishly assumed it would be glaringly obvious, most people had no idea what was going on. a few commenters asked what happened to the cute “his and her office.” another query: “your boyfriend doesn’t mind all the pink?” then my favorite comment on my home tour: “didn’t you move in here with your boyfriend?” of course, some of you did realize it right away. i received several lovely emails from readers telling me they had a hunch about what was going on, and i am so so grateful for your kindness and support. and if i’m being totally honest, i never wanted to address it and was hoping it would eventually just go away. but now because it is quite ridiculous i’m moving again so soon, and because i love ya’ll and feel like we’re good friends who meet a few mornings a week for coffee and chit chat, i want to give you the very short story of my life these past 6+ months. here goes. well, ladies and gentleman (i assume there’s at least one male reading), as it sometimes goes in life… my ex and i, well, we split up. yes. bloggers break up too. despite what our instagram feeds look like, it’s not always puppies, pretty apartments, paris proposals, coastal weddings, and candy-colored baby showers before the age of 25 in blogworld (although i admit, it does sometimes seem that way). sometimes shtuff happens behind the computer screen that we’d rather not type out and hit publish. can you blame me? trying to deal with personal hardships on my own is tough enough. so the thought of letting dozens, hundreds, or thousands of readers-whatever it may be- weigh in? i not only couldn’t do that… i didn’t want to. i wanted that part of my life to stay private and separate. especially because for me, and most bloggers i’d say, our blogs are our happy place. where we go to escape and focus on the good, the light, the fun. (hence a serious lack of posting for a couple months there. still very very sorry about that.) and i can only assume it’s where ya’ll come to escape. not to hear my grievances. but do not fret… it’s been a while now. my ex moved out around thanksgiving. yes, the holidays were a bummer. but then a new lovely lady roommate and good friend moved into the second bedroom and things were bright and cheery again. but now she too moved out and is on to new adventures in baltimore. which again leaves me alone in a sprawling two bedroom apartment far far away from all of my friends and family. not to mention it’s a $20 cab ride just to get home safely from a weekend night rendezvous downtown. plus i am ready for a change. and a cozier place to call home. one with less empty rooms and closets used to store stuff from our last everygirl styling project.

this is literally the view from my desk right now. see what i mean?

i’ll also be turning 28 years old in october and have never lived alone. danielle tells me this is a great experience for a person and that everyone should do it. i agree. i’ve always had roommates as that is what the budget situation has allowed. but i’ve been planning and saving up for this and am excited at the thought of the newfound independence that will come from spending so many moments with no one to talk to but my pups and be with my own thoughts. all of those quiet, simple, every day happenings-like making coffee in the morning, or getting ready to go out on the weekend, or watching late night tv before forcing myself to brush my teeth and crawl into bed. i suspect i’ll still live on the outskirts of the city since the rental market is borderline terrifying these days. but my pups and i will take it over and make it home, mirror ball in tow. and quite frankly, i am so so excited as thoughts of creating a perfect lil’ lady haven a la this or this prance through my head. but perhaps slightly less shabby chic. so i hope this answers all of your questions or suspicions or whatever the case may be. i am good and well and ready for a change! stay tuned for future adventures…

second-and far more important, i might add-everything at j.crew is currently 25% off in stores or with the promo code SUMMER online. i picked up a few pink, black, and white somethin-somethin’s because… drumroll… i am taking a much anticipated vacation the week after next! i’m heading to south carolina where i’ll finally get to see charleston for the first time. i fully suspect i’ll love it. will be staying in isle of palms but please-any recommendations for the surrounding areas are wholeheartedly welcomed!

Monday, June 3, 2013

we call it #weddingweek

And it’s happening again!

We’ve got you covered from affordable decor tips like this backyard wedding styled by Amber Whitehouse, to taking you inside the offices of one of our beloved wedding brands (Wednesday), and have a kickass fashion feature (Thursday) curated by top editors in the fashion and wedding fields. And more…!

Also follow along on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #weddingweek!

photo by Jen Dederich