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Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Chicago/NEXT Preview Parties

Last night I attended the preview parties for Art Chicago and NEXT, where artists, gallery owners, and art dealers from around the world presented pieces from their collections as part of Artropolis at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. I can’t fathom the square footage these two shows occupied – each had its own floor of the sprawling Mart. NEXT featured up-and-coming artists and smaller galleries, newer to the art scene, whereas Art Chicago featured world-renowned galleries and artists already established among collectors and dealers.

It was funny how the art mirrored the crowd. The NEXT crowd was definitely younger, more casual, loud, with a good amount of hipster thrown in the mix, whereas the crowd upstairs donned pinstripe suits, one-inch heels, and small quilted purses. I made myself quite comfortable in both spaces, thank you very much! Of course next time I am standing and walking around on concrete for three hours, I will leave the heels at home no matter how cute they are.

I took the two shots above at the beginning of the night. This part of the NEXT gallery was packed later on in the evening.

Moving right along…

One of my favorite parts of the evening was that I got to meet another blogger, David Dailey from The Dailey Dish! Think The Sartorialist meets Elle style columnist meets Chicago. Highly recommend checking out his blog. Of course, what are the odds two folks who blog about fashion trends both show up wearing horizontal stripes with blazers? Embarrassingly good, apparently.

And the reason we were able to attend this fabulous event was courtesy of these two folks, Oliver and Eleanor, Nathan’s cousin and wife from San Francisco who had a booth in the NEXT exhibit. They run what I think is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve heard of: an art subscription. Their company, The Present Group, sends you a new work of art four times a year for the cost of an annual subscription. O and E choose the art based on submissions from local artists in California.
Genius if you ask me.

Look how pensive I can be.

And here are a collection of some pieces I liked for no particular rhyme or reason, because hey, it’s art. You don’t have to have a reason for liking it.

Nate was so impressed I could identify both cities without looking at the nameplates.
Can you tell where they are? (minus the big white glare in the top one)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tote around

I can’t get enough of these J.Crew canvas totes. At only $10 a piece, they make the perfect summer bag for carrying groceries from the farmer’s market, grabbing lunch with the gals, or heading to the beach. I bought one a month or so ago at my local store, but they just showed up online. Hurray for all of you who don’t have a beloved Crew near you!

Guess which one I went with:

1. poodle gallery

2. four friends

3. dog days

…and which one would you get to tote sun block and sunglasses around in this summer?



Congratulations to the THREE WINNERS of the “I can write a blog, I have thoughts,” print giveaway! I used Random.org to generate the winners:
2. Rachael from Fancy Pants
3. and Jillian from Fabulously Dirty Martinis

First off, how GREAT are those blog names? Secondly – all three of these ladies wrote up sweet blog posts about the print, and I thank them – and everyone else who tweeted and blogged – from the bottom of my heart! So many nice comments. It means a lot.

Ladies, email me with the colors you’d like your print in! I will ship this out within the next few days! Congrats!

Thanks, again, to everyone who participated! Know that there will be more LCYgraphics giveaways in the near future! And if you didn’t win but need this print, it’s for sale in my Etsy shop for $15.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bits and pieces

1. You have until MIDNIGHT tonight to sign up for the “I CAN WRITE A BLOG. I HAVE THOUGHTS,” print giveaway!

2. Listen to the completely random but awesome playlist that I’ve had on repeat the past week. Scroll to the bottom of the blog and enjoy!

3. You can still email me for free Artropolis tickets! I have more left!

Free Tickets for Artropolis at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart

…and speaking of art!

Thanks to Nate’s cousins who will be presenting there, I have several tickets to this week’s ARTROPOLIS event at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to hand out to anyone who wants them!

Artropolis is “Chicago’s Celebration of Art, Antiques, and Culture.” The tickets get you into all three segments of the event:
  • Art Chicago, “the annual international fair of contemporary and modern art,”
  • NEXT, “the invitational exhibition of emerging art,” and
  • the Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair, “which features over 100 of the world’s best dealers and a wide range of categories and genres including 20th Century Design, Americana, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Paintings, Prints, Silver, Textiles, and Tribal Art.”
Amazing, yes? I’ll be attending Thursday night’s preview party and am so excited!

Opening Preview Parties, Thursday, April 29, 2010 6-9pm – valued at $40 each

Event tickets that get you into all three shows from April 30-May 3, 2010 – valued at $20 each

Artist Snapshot: Caitlin McGauley

I remember reading the first issue of Lonny magazine like I remember my first kiss (which happened to be on a white sand beach in Mexico – holla!). One of my faaavorite things about the new online mag were the charming watercolor illustrations by NYC artist, Caitlin McGauley. Her contributer profile stated she was a fellow Syracuse grad, and I couldn’t help but feel that bit of pride that springs up whenever you hear your alma mater produced someone with that kind of talent. While I haven’t found reproductions of her paintings for sale anywhere, Caitlin does commission-based work. In other words, you send her a picture of your living room, your favorite chair, or pair of shoes, and she’ll paint it. Pretty cool, yes? Let’s have a look-see.




Shops around the corner…


Check back at NOON EST because I have tickets to giveaway to an event tomorrow and this weekend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Look for Less: the brickmakers table

The brickmakers coffee table from Restoration Hardware (shown above) is my favorite coffee table. I’ve always preferred wood tables to glass because I inevitably rest my feet on them and the glass or metal digs into my ankles uncomfortably. But the $45 CraigsList purchase that is currently in my living room has seen better days. Unfortunately, RH’s brickmakers table, and most other versions I’ve come across, are over $1000. (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!)

Not feelin’ the love? Allow me to explain my infatuation:
1. It’s not stuffy or fancy, but it could easily work in a more elegantly dressed room. Or a casual room for that matter. I like it when my furniture swings both ways.
2. It looks old, more like I found it at a flea market in Paris versus my local furniture chain store.
3. It’s huge. I love a huge coffee table to anchor a room. Perfect for playing games, displaying books, holding candles, and eating off of.

But for now, I’m stuck admiring from a distance…

via Madeline Stuart

You in love, yet?

Well the good news is you can find this similar version from Hobble Creek Trading Co. for $577 – that’s less than half the price of RH’s!

And here is Restoration Hardware’s, which sells for a whopping $1360.

Don’t you love finding the look for less?

So that’s that. Men have a dream car. I have a dream coffee table.

What’s yours?