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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Fairy Tale Wedding

I don’t know about all of you, but these are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. A friend of mine emailed the album to me knowing I’d be interested, and I immedately recognized the cowboy-booted bridesmaids from a post Elements of Style did on the photographers, Our Labor of Love. If you are planning a wedding, look no further. These guys are the best.

Of course, it helped that the crafty and country wedding details gave the celebration charm reminiscent of fairy tale bedtime stories. But it was the photographer who captured the mood perfectly. I am not a professional, but I’m pretty sure it was a filter used on a number of these photos to give them the effect I can only describe as ‘hazed.’ See for yourself! I chose my top 8 favorite photos that are all numbered (I know 8 is a random number, but I couldn’t narrow it down any more!). Vote for your favorite image at the end of the post!

Top Pic 1. Her shoes. I would frame this in a heartbeat and keep it in my bedroom (if I was the bride).

Top Pic 2. Great angle. Perfect moment captured.

(not a top choice, but can you say ‘largest wedding party ever???’)

Top Pic 3. Cowgirls in blue. Love.

Top Pic 4. I love that he’s making her laugh in this one unlike most wedding photos that are meant to look romantic and serious (see above images, which are still beautiful). This one better captures the couple enjoying being together.

Again, this collage does not make the cut of top 8, but I LOVE this idea – cakes, cookies, milk and lemonade. Far more delicious and less stuffy than a fondant, tiered monstrosity.

Top Pic 5. The blue photo on the left is just magical. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful night.

Top Pic 6. Oh how I love me some twinkle lights. Reminds me of a country festival.

Top Pic 7. I just love how the tent takes up most of this photo. The composition of this is just G-O-R-gorgeous!

Top Pic 8. My cousin just told me she’s having sparklers at her wedding, and all I can think is “Yay!”

Monday, September 28, 2009

Let there be light!

Trends come and go in interior design much like they do in fashion, pop culture, and food (yes, food – think raw diet, atkins, sushi… just to name a few). Two trends that have been continually popping up more and more frequently in design magazines and blogs fall into the lighting category. Tripod lamps and arc lamps. If you are in the design biz, this is not news to you. But for those who rely on me to keep them apprised of what’s hot in interior design, I thought I’d let you in on the secret. Throw either – or both! – of these two looks into your space, and the room’s cool factor will immediately skyrocket. I’m pretty sure even guys will notice the arc lamp, featured below.

Tripod Lamps
I really started noticing these about a year ago. Pottery Barn made several versions, one of which is shown below. The other model looked a lot like a photographer’s spotlight. The tripod lamp works as both a floor or table option, but take note that they take up quite a bit of space due to the circumference of the base. These can work in any room, any style home.
Designer Erin Gates‘ bought the Pottery Barn tripod lamp for her living room. The floor version is no longer available online, but it’s still in some stores.

Lovely vignette.

Sapien bookcase, tripod lamp, and Eames chair. This girl has got it down, even if it is a tad cluttered.

Shop the Tripod Look
CB2 Twine lamp – not technically a tripod, but it has a similar effect

Arc Lamps
Another major trend is the arc lamp. Despite first impressions that you need a big room to house one of these babies, I think they are perfect for apartment dwellers, especially if you have a small eating area. It can be set to the corner of a square table and act as overhead lighting for dining. Or, as shown below, it’s great in the main living space, if it’s offset behind a chair or couch.
And for my gentlemen fan base, seriously. Instant cool factor.

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