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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off for the Week

I will not be posting this week as the boy and I will be driving, top-down, along California’s Route 1 from San Francisco to San Diego. There will hopefully be plenty of gorgeous photos (similar to those below) to share upon my return. Have a good one!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

OTK: cheap or chic? part 2

The verdict is in. OTK is CHIC.

Out of the 24 people who responded to my survey below (not too bad for my first poll), 67% said they would absolutely wear over-the-knee boots.

And you’re all in luck because I just noticed Neiman Marcus’ website has devoted an entire section to the hot fall look. There are five times as many designs available from the last time I posted.

A few slightly more affordable options by Joie and Dolce Vita.

Now if only J.Crew (who rocks the leather boot world) will jump on the bandwagon…

I’d like to introduce my favorite color.

Anyone who knows me knows yellow is my faaaaaaavorite color. Always has been. Always will be. Can it be too bright? Yes. Can it be tacky? Too much? Blinding? Yes. Yes. And yes.

But yellow – in the right shade, on the right piece, in just the right amount – is hands-down the happiest color. So much so that it makes me smile just about every time I see yellow things. It can be a challenge using this color appropriately in a space, but I’ve found a few samples for inspiration and proof that yellow really is fabulous. Now, where to begin…

Ah yes.
Yellow doors, white trim, wellington boots, and a single pink flower. Am I in a daydream?

Who needs coffee? These kitchens are an instant pick-me-up.

Buttery yellow walls on this tiny kitchen.
p.s. how cute is that mini-Viking oven?

Parisian apartment?

A grey and yellow bedroom. The yellow touches are so subtle and feminine. I love this room.

That yellow lamp is fantastic.

I do not love this room, but I love the color on the left wall. I would have replaced the yellow curtains with white and foregone the mural altogether. Add all-white place settings at every seat. And voila!

Kate Spade’s bedroom. Yellow accents here and there.
Fellow bloggers from Young House Love have this PB rug in their neutral living room.
Yellow ceiling!

Feminine and lovely.

People should not be allowed to enter this room without a glass of wine in hand. On another note, I’d love to see the view from the trio of French doors.

Yellow furniture in lieu of yellow walls.

Nothing in this room “matches,” but it all works so great together.

Gorgeous yellow house in Hinsdale, IL
One day.
Matine Toile in yellow from Pottery Barn.
And finally. This may come as a shock… but it’s true.
My duvet cover, walls, and nightstand accessories are yellow.
Duvet cover, clock, and Quince diffuser from Pottery Barn.
I just bought the yellow, ikat pillow cover from Fabricadabra.
White Euro shams from West Elm.
Jewelry dish from Anthropologie. Lamp from J.C.Penny.
Orchid from specialty shop in Georgetown.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow will be yellow fashion. Get excited.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want his job.

Not sure if any of you are fans, but I am so excited for season 3 of Gossip Girl to premiere on September 14. I recommend watching this show for the clothes alone (that and Blair Waldorf’s offensive, honest, and absolutely hysterical one-liners). Think Sex & the City meets Devil Wears Prada fashion… done up high school style. Albeit no high school students I know dress like this. Below is a clip from GG stylist Eric Daman on what’s in store for the show’s bombshell blonde, Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. And yes. I love every item he shows us, especially the Marchesa gown.

Can you imagine having his job? It’s like dressing up real-life dolls all day.

And a shout-out to my girl, Blair Waldorf, who single-handedly makes the show what it is. Here she is in the season 3 premiere showing off just how fab hats can look.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PB Fall 2009: Not so cookie-cutter

The fall 2009 Pottery Barn catalogue just came in, and more than a couple items caught my eye. They are interesting, rustic, and look less like the cloned PB rooms popping up in homes across America. A few items of note…

This looks like it was found in an old warehouse. Definitely doesn’t have the “cookie cutter” look like most PB pieces. It’s decided. I want it.

Adorable? Yes. Ok, I want these, too. I am thinking for above my desk, although I’m not even sure what to put in them…

I question how many people actually have use for this. Either way, it’s great.

These scream New England fall to me. Even if I live in Chicago.

A few light fixtures that made my jaw drop. I think people often forget how crucial lighting and lighting fixtures play in the design of a space.

These are great for a bathroom. Above a desk. In a kitchen. Anywhere, really.

How frickin’ cool is that? Except when the time comes to dusting it…

They are fairly expensive, but they give bathrooms a grande, custom look.

This one made me laugh. PB is selling “Found Oversized Wine Bottles” from restaurants in Central Europe for $99-279. Why is that funny, you ask?

Because my mom paid $10 for this one at an antique fair two months ago. Know when to splurge and when not to.

And finally, for those of you like myself, who consider Halloween their favorite holiday of the year, Pottery Barn gets it right. Not too fancy. Not too chintzy. But juuust right.

Candles are essential in setting the mood for the spooky holiday. Especially pumpkin-shaped candles.

Fabulous front door. Reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus.

Is it weird I love that faux crow?

The galvanized serving pieces work in the summer, fall, or spring.